SDK Installer: Fixing the unpacking/copying error

I’ve ran the SDK installer, but it keeps hitting an unpacking/copying error. Is there any way to work around this problem?

There is a known issue with the current SDK installer caused by corruption of temporary files. Fortunately, the issue is quite rare and - so far - it has only affected a small number of users. We’re now looking into a long term fix. In the meantime, the instructions below can be followed to work around the problem:

  1. Navigate to your Operating System's temporary directory (usually 'C:Users[USER]AppDataLocalTemp' on Windows, '/tmp' on OS X and Linux)

  2. If they exist, delete the .bitrock folder and PAK files in this location

  3. Run the installer again

If you're still experiencing issues on Windows, we would recommend cleaning the entire %temp% directory. This can be done safely with the Windows Disk Cleanup tool's "Temporary files" option.

If the issue still occurs after following the steps above, please start a new discussion on our forum so we can support you.