sdk sample on iphone..

I have tested the latest sdk training course code(introucingpod) but

on the iphone simulator, everything is fine and showing on simulator,

but on the real phone,

1) glGetString(GL_EXTENSIONS) returns NULL,

    in bool CPVRTgles2Ext::IsGLExtensionSupported(const char *extension)

    in PVRTTextureLoadFromPointer

2) if I let glGetString return true or false by force,

    then that application seems to be working on the iphone but just showing black screen…

why and how?


Which iPhone model and which OS version are you using?

model : ipod (a1288) 8GB, iphone sdk : 3.2, iphone device on xcode : 3.1.3, ipod sw version : 3.1.4

The model of iPod that you’re using doesn’t support OpenGL ES 2.0, but will support OpenGL ES 1.1. The simulator supports both.

@chlee1234 : what is your iphone SDK version ?

chle1234 read this