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Shadow Mapping Training Course


I recently downloaded the latest OpenGL ES 2.x SDK ( for iOS and the user guide indicates there is a Shadow Mapping training course but, it was not present in the package I downloaded. Where can I get this training course?


Never mind, I managed to port the Android version.



Thanks for bringing this to our attention. This was a holdover from a previous technique which was not supported on iOS.

This has been rectified and will be included in our next release. Or if you’d like we could supply you with an updated training course (although as you mentioned you’ve already ported it from Android).



Arron, if you can share it already - would be appriciated


Please email and we’ll proceed from :).


thanks, just did so…


We haven’t received any mail, just to let you know.

Here’s a proper link: devtech@imgtec.comArron2011-10-25 12:18:31


just sent a second time …


 might be a spam filter because of the yahoo ?


Email received. Just putting together the package now.


does this take much to port across? I’m running it through one of the ios templates and getting a blank screen.


No, not at all. All that is required is to retrieve the current FBO handle using:

glGetIntegerv(GL_FRAMEBUFFER_BINDING, &m_i32OriginalFbo);

before binding any other framebuffer, and then instead of binding the framebuffer to '0' at lines 458 and 581, instead bind to the handle retrieved earlier.Arron2011-11-04 10:47:14


Hi there,
could I get a copy of the shadow mapping tutorial implemented on IOS? I sent an email from


I think we sent this to you yesterday. For those interested, an iOS version of this training course will be in our next SDK release.


i just downloaded the latest iOS SDK, and the shadow mapping training course is still missing. any chance of getting a copy also?




We haven’t released the SDK with iOS Shadow Mapping training course yet (it’s due soon) but if you require the training course please email and we’ll send you a version.



Could please send me also a training course of shadow mapping tutorial. I have sent you an email as well.



Just a note to developers looking for the iOS Shadow Mapping training course: this has now been released as part of our latest SDK (2.10). This can be downloaded from our website.