Texture not displaying

Hey guys,

my texture is not displaying on the IntroducingPVRTools example. I made a .PVR file and filewrapped it. I then added to .cpp to the solution and changed the name in const char c_szTextureFile[] code, then ran it but the texture is not showing up. My texture is of size 256x256 and I applied the normal map effect on it, not sure if this is the problem but I thought I would include it anyway. At the moment it is just displaying a black triangle



Based on your description I would say that your texture doesn’t have any MIP-map levels. If you re-export your texture with some or modify IntroducingPVRTools to use GL_LINEAR for GL_TEXTURE_MIN_FILTER instead of GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST then in theory you should see your texture.