using egl in 3.1 SDK under Windows XP crash on exit


i code something app using egl in 3.1 SDK ,it works ok in window 8. but when i copy the app to windows xp ,it works ok,but crash on exit.

i try something and anlysis:

at beginning,i thinks it some difference between xp exe binary codes and win8 exe binary codes. i copy my c++ code to xp,and using visual studio 2010 rebuild app.

and then run app, it works ok,but when i exit app, it crash.

i debug it in visual studio 2010,i find it crash in flowning codes:

the codes in crtexe.c (vs lib code) line 565

         if ( !managedapp )<br />
```<br />
the codes go into exit function and then crash。<br />
the last crash point at free.c(vc c lib code),line 50<br />
<code>    retval = HeapFree(_crtheap, 0, pBlock);</code><br />
<br />
i think it is some pointer operations errors in the app codes,i check my code and find nothing error,and the i copy code in 3.1 sdk Examples/Beginner/01_HelloAPI<br />
and build a app,it also crash on exit.<br />
<br />
i think it some compiler config error in my visual studio? i run the app in 3.1 sdk  Binaries/Windows_x86_32, the apps also crash on exit.<br />
<br />
my result:<br />
so i think it is some bugs on 3.1 sdk, the bugs on egl part. and i think it may be some operations write arrays or pointer for buffer out of range,it makes some dynamic allocation flags in c lib errors.<br />
<br />
<br />

Hi Cutxyz,

This is a known bug in the emulator when running on XP which only occurs during termination. It will be fixed in version 3.2 scheduled for release later in the year. For now rest assured that your app and environment are not at fault!