Using materials with solid color (no pvr texture)

Hello, I have converted several 3DS objects from 3DS Max to the .pod format and attempted to display them (both on iOS and Android) using the PODPlayer tool provided in the SDK (also using the IntroducingPOD training example).

I can display POD files using PODPlayer no problem as long as materials are defined using a pvr texture file. Materials which have RGB colors defined (ambient, diffuse, specular), but no associated texture pvr file, show up black (no color) most of the time.

I say most of the time, because sometimes initial run of the PODPlayer shows the assigned material color (only on some pod files), but re-running the app with no changes makes them show in black (irreversibly it seems).

The 3D models show these material colors perfectly fine with PVRShaman.

I would like to know whether this is a known limitation of the PODPlayer and if this can be fixed / worked around (hopefully in a better way than creating pvr texture files, each with single solid color which is what I am resorting to right now to get anything to show up).

Thank you very much,


This issue has been filed as BRN33351 in our system.

The PODPlayer was originally designed to work with PODs that had a full PFX file assigned to each material (i.e. a vertex and a fragment shader and some information about textures and uniforms). Later on I added some code to try and display files that weren’t so ‘nice’, but this was never finished comprehensively.

The ultimate aim is to have PODPlayer display everything that PVRShaman can - unfortunately it’s not there yet.