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UV from the 3ds max plugin



Dear Team

i notice some very worring effect when i export my object to POD using the latest plugin , unwrapping simply doesnt work at all anymore.i dont see my object properly textured , my UVS are correct i check it using different format and different viewer.

It use to work without any probs, i did a reinstall of my 3ds max from scratch and the sdk as well, because i could not believe it,

As i am writing the issue remain tonite.

any idea




Hi David,

Do you mean that your exported POD doesn’t render correctly in PVRShaman or in your engine? Can you share the 3DS Max and POD files with us so we can investigate the issue?

If you would like to share reproduction files with us privately, you can attach them to a support ticket:




yes that is right , it doesnt render correctly using the new plugin


Do you still have a copy of the exporter from the 3.2 SDK? Does the POD export work as expected with that version?

There weren’t many changes made to the PVRGeoPOD tools since the 3.2 SDK, so the issue seems strange. Can you try renaming your PVRGeoPOD.plist and trying to export the POD again? Once the file is renamed, PVRGeoPOD will generate a new .plist with default settings. If the export works with this change, please send us your renamed .plist so we can look into the issue.




no i dont have a copy of the 3.2, i did a full reinstall.


Did a reinstall fix the issue? Have you checked the contents of your .plist before and after the SDK reinstall?




i dont know where is the plist is and i did reinstall everyting 3ds max and the plugin.same issue

i dont understand i use to bake , texture thousand of time without any probs.

kind regards



Hi David,

the *.plist location is different on each OS. On Windows, its in the hidden “AppDataRoamingImagination Technologies” directory within your home. On Linux, it should be in the “.pvrconfig” hidden directory in your home.



let me check , thanks for your answer


ok everything is ok, i was tired i didnt see that one the uv drop box was flip when i scroll using the mouse…