water demo really advanced sample using FOAM simulation

Dear Team

i wish to simulate foam effect using the SDK , i saw some approach on the web but you need a computer farm to run it :slight_smile: , anyone have idea about how to start well, or any doc ,sample on the subject ??

thanks for idea,


Hi David,

The best suited technique depends on how you want the effect to look and how much processing time you’re able to dedicate to it.

For a good performance/quality balance, you could consider the following:

  1. Particle effects: Use particle effects to create foam where the water splashes, e.g. where solid objects intersect the water

  2. Amplitude based foam: Render a foam texture on the water's surface when the height of a wave is beyond a threshold

Naughty Dog gave a good presentation on water effects at GDC 2012 (slide available here), where they compared a number of different techniques and discussed how well suited they are for different aesthetic results.


Thanks again the option 2 is the best for me and the paper is very interesting thanks again !!!