what's the problem of this grogram

  1. why <span id=“result_” =“short_text”>the screen vertical midline <span id=“result_” =“short_text”>split the image when the image moving<span id=“result_” =“short_text”> up and down?

  2. i use the omap3530, and use the screen by EGL, and control and render the image by

    OpenGL  ES2.0。

  3. there is no problem when i create Window by X11 api, but if i use EGL instead of X11 api,

    this appearance <span id=“result_” =“short_text”>appear <span id=“result_” =“short_text”>.
    this vidio show the phenomenon


The vertical split is because the platform is doing front buffer rendering. Hopefully an update wil fix this at some point in the future. Under X11 you’re not seeing this because it’s rendering in a different way. It is possible to reduce the tearing on this platform, but that will reduce performance - please send an email to devtech@imgtec.com if you are interested in this solution.

Could you please cofirm whether the problem is resolved in latest release? Thanks.


I believe you’ve contacted us through email and we’ll follow up from there shortly.

Hi Gordon,

I still didn't receive any response, would you please help to check? Thanks a lot!

Kind Regards,


Just to tie this thread up for anyone with a similar issue: this has now been passed to TI.