Where can I find post-processing filters?

Hellos all!

In this demo:


I see many post-processing filters.

I would like to create something similar for the iPhone.

Do you know any library on the internet or similar where I can find those filters for OpenGL ES 2.0? (the iPhone and iPad PowerVR processor).

Thanks a lot for your help.


What sort of post-processing effects do you want to achieve? We have demos and training courses in the SDK that cover most of the techniques used in that demo. If we don’t already cover a particular technique in the SDK, we can suggest how to do it optimally.

I’m not aware of any library of optimal OGLES2 shaders, but please post again if you come across anything like this :slight_smile:

Thanks for reply!

I’m talking just about simple post-processing, similar to instagram and its effects library.

See this screenshot for intance:

Or also Camera Art FX:

This one records videos in real time with effects.