Source code for OpenGL ES 1.1 on Windows

Howdy! Loving the SDK and been using it for quite some years now.
I have a product that was released on Opengl ES 1.1 (iphone to be specific).

I’m porting my engine to 2.0+ (programmable pipeline). In order to maintain parity and understand some implementation to port them to shaders, it would be fantastic to have the source to opengl es 1.1 dll (libGLES_CM.lib/dll). If this requires a license or something, I’d be happy to pursue that front too.


Hi pzengr,

Thanks for your message and welcome to the PowerVR Developer Forum!

We will ask whether your request is possible and come back with an answer.

Best regards,

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Hi, pzengr,

Unfortunately we can’t provide the source code for our PVRVFrame libraries (with or without license). I’m not sure how the source code might help you with what you’re trying to achieve. If you provide more details I might be able to point you in the right direction and it might not require the PVRVFrame source code.

Thank you for your understanding.
Kind regards,

Gotcha. Just to be clear. I’m not asking for the PVRFrame source. Only opengl es 1.1 implementation. Most of should be similar to the opengl 1.0 for desktop but just want to make sure i can verify for parity with older ios implementations.

Regardless Thanks for the response.

Hi, pzengr,

I’m not quite sure what you mean by OpenGL ES 1.1 implementation. In the case of PVRVFrame everything is integrated and we can’t isolate the OGLES 1.1 code unfortunately. So we wouldn’t be able to provide that source code I’m afraid.

However, as an alternative I can recommend taking a look at the OpenGL (ES and Vulkan) implementations in the Mesa Library. You’ll probably find the information you’re looking there.

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