Where to find PVRTexTool plugin for Maya

I just downloaded the PowerVR Graphics SDK, but i can’t find the plugin for maya (mac os), where it should be according to the user manual.

Can anyone tell me, where i can find or download this plugin.


i ckeck out on my mac os and i see the Maya Plugin pvrGeoPodv2013.bundle

did you install the sdk from MaxOs ?




thanks for the reply.

i meant the plugin for the textool, but the PVRTexTool plug-in for Maya on MacOS isn’t supported yet

ah yes only command line or the Gui , no big deal :slight_smile:

Hi Kiara,

I’ve redone the Maya plug-in and got it working on MacOS. This plug-in will be available in our next update to the 3.1 SDK, which should be available within a week or two. If you’re interested in an early drop, feel free to email DevTech@imgtec.com and I’ll send you the plug-in.