PVRTexTool and Maya 8.5


I’ve tried to install PVRTexTool for Maya8.5 but it doesn’t work, I get an error when maya try to load the plugin.

Running depends.exe on the plugin shows a missing imf.dll, maybe a clue.

Did someone have the same problem ?



Unfortunately, the PVRTexTool Maya plug-in isn’t built for this version of Maya. We’re hoping to get compatibility with newer versions ready for the next release of the SDK, though.

In the meantime, if you can tell me what you’re using the plug-in for specifically I might be able to help with a work-around.


I’m using the SDK and want to export POD using Maya. With PVTTexTool for Maya I can use .pvr file directly and I don’t need to modify the POD file using PVRShaman.

But it seems that the tool suite is not completely working. Maya plugin doesn’t export soft skinned mesh (maybe it works with rigib body, I have to try).

I’m trying to find a way to use your tool to have a full asset production pipeline but for now this is not working, if I had the source code I could fix/improve my problems.

Right now I’m trying to use 3dsMAX 9 to see if tools work better on it. But as I can see, there is no PVRTexTool for 3ds, so the tool suite is not complete, but maybe animation will work.

There is a PVRTexTool plug-in for 3DS Max, but it’s not specifically built for version 9 at the moment. If the Max plug-in runtime hasn’t changed then it might work. Again, for the next release we should have this confirmed or a new version ready.

We’re investigating the soft-skinned mesh issue in the Maya plug-in - thank you for bringing it to our attention.

If you’re familiar with writing plug-ins for either Maya or Max then you can link into PVRTexLib (also in the SDK) in order to build your own plug-in (this is what the plug-ins in the SDK use, in fact). Loading a .pvr texture takes very few lines of code with this library.