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Lastest version of PVRTexTool CL semms bugged.




I just upgraded my command line utilities from the following version:

               PVRTexTool Version 3.20

               SDK Build:

               PVRTC Version

To the version:

               PVRTexTool Version 3.23

               SDK Build:

The 3.23 version produce lot of artefacts on semi-transparents pixels. Those artefacts were not present with the 3.20 version.

Also, it seems those artefact aren’t present with the GUI version.

Here is the command line options i use:

     PVRTexTool.exe -fOGLPVRTC4 -o"outpu.pvr" -q5 -yflip0 -i"input.png";

Is it a known bug? Or a misuse?

Best regards,



Hi Greg,

For semi-transparent textures there should be no differences with that version of PVRTexTool - could you send me a copy of your texture to If I can have a look at it I should be able to figure out what’s going on.

Fully/near-fully transparent pixels may show issues, as the new compressor will automatically bleed the texture into these regions as an optimisation step, but semi-transparent pixels should remain unaffected.




Hi Tobias,

You should receive the mail soon.

Best wishes,