3.x and 4.x compatibility and stable conversion pipeline

Hello, Imagination community

Since PowerVR SDK 4.x is implemented using C++11, it seems we are stuck on 3.x branch. Now we use PVR 3.4 for models parsing, but there are lots of issues while converting our fbx, maya or blender models to POD - wrong mesh-texture bindings, missing animations, library segfaults when GetBoneWorldMatrix called, etc. Are models converted with 4.x tools compatible with 3.x sdk? Is there any “stable” conversion pipeline or conversion guide (FAQ) to make arbitrary model work with PVR 3.x?

Best regards

Hi Oleg,

PVRGeoPod from the new SDK i.e. 4.x+ should be fully compatible with the old SDK i.e. pre-4.0, if you have any issues with compatibility please let us know.

Note that there are new features in the new version of PVRGeoPod which the old SDK will not support, but this should not impact the core compatibility of the files produced by the new tools.