Imagination PowerVR SDK Blog

2.6 Utilities update now available




We have updated several of our Utilities and they are ready for download. Please, feel free to send us your feedback to or through this forum. We are specially interested in your feedback for the Blender plug-in.


Blender plug-in:

- Fixed vertex colours export

- Set bone weight’s default type value to float

- Added to scene previously missing empty objects

- Implemented missing Interleave vectors option

- Implemented missing Export geometry option

- Implemented missing Fixed point option

- Implemented missing Triangle sorting options

- Implemented missing Primitive type options

- Fixed Passing Material attribute shinness

- Implemented post process command execution under windows

Maya plug-in:

- Stopped processing the animation if not exporting animations.

- Fixed a bug where some nodes may be incorrectly tagged as meshes.

All versions:

- Fixed a recently introduced bug where the 4th element in a vertex attribute would be garbage.

- The exporters now correctly write the ‘index animations’ option to file.


- Fix to the scaling of the camera offset (i.e. making camera appear behind the view position).

- Resolve a bug that caused .pfx files to fail compilation occasionally

- Do not recalculate the sizes of the gui widgets when the window is minimised.

- Make material properties dialog modal when prompting the user as a scene is opened (This makes the behaviour less confusing)

- Fixed problem when loading POD scenes with no geometry.

- Fixed crash caused by attempting to do skinning when no bone batches are present in the POD file.


- Fixed Control Window focus (so it stays at the back when an application launches)

- Fixed glIsEnable for MATRIX_INDEX_ARRAY_OESFixed glGetIntegeriv for GL_ALPHA_REF

- Fixed Matrix palette’s bindings to VBO not being updated when given VBO was deleted


- Fixed bug where vertex components with 4 values were not exported correctly.

- Fixed the appearance of phantom animations when the collada file doesn’t contain any.