About *.obj format converter

Dear PowerVR Insider.

I have a favor to ask.

Will PowerVR SDK be able to support LightWave *.obj file converter?
( ex. PVRGeoPOD, ColladaToPOD )

When I  use POD converter,
I have to use 3D modeling tools( 3dsmax, maya, etc )
but those are too expensive.

*.obj format is easy to get from many modeling tools.
So you would support this converter, it will be very helpful.

Best Regards.

If you’re not using 3DSMax or Maya and you’d like to use the POD format then I’d suggest using an exporter from Lightwave for COLLADA (or use the new version of Lightwave which apparently will have COLLADA support) and then use ColladaToPOD to convert this into the POD format. Most 3D modellers have support for this format, some with the use of plug-ins.

I don’t believe we have any plans to support .obj files directly in the near future, but thank you for the suggestion.




I understood your advice.

I will try collada(*.dae) instead of *.obj format.


Thank you very much.