3d object deform after export from blender

I downloaded the PowerVR SDK 3.0 and do everything it told. When I export from blender 2.65 and open in shaman, everything works great.

But after I updated to 3.1, it seems like whatever I export from Blender become deform in shaman. Anyone can help on this?? Thanks!

I can’t quite remember but Is there something else that I need to install in order to get it work well?? I remember before I use PVRgeoPOD plugin, I have a collada2POD installed. which it seems like this deform problem happened after I deleted collada2POD. Anything that I can do to test?? Thanks!


Perhaps images speak better. Here is the blender form:

and here is the exported from Blender and preview in Shaman:


I can’t see any changes between the 3.0 plug-in and the 3.1 version that would explain this. Are you using the same export options you were using previously?



I feel so stupid now.

I finally got it to work again. What happen is I accidentally set (which is a two finger scroll in my MBP) vector position to normalised from float. once I set it back to float, everything works again. Thanks!