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3ds Max 2017 SP3 igame.dll error using the latest "2016_R2" SDK




I installed the latest “PowerVRSDKSetup-2016_R2” (set up the plugin correctly by copying the files and folder into the correct places), and I’m keep getting the following “igame.dll” error: when starting 3ds Max.

I can’t use the PVRGeoPOD plugin on 3ds Max 2017 SP3.

Can you please help? Thank you.


Hi Andrew,

The plug-in we released in our 2016 R2 SDK was built against the igame library present in stock 3DSMAX 2017. Sadly we haven’t got time to support the most recent SPs yet. We will support them in our next release due by March.




Hi Andrew,

I have eased the strict iGame version check. This should not affect the functionality and it will allow more flexibility with the updates. I have tested on my version and it seems fine. I haven´t tested it on SP3 yet, but I have attached it to this thread for you to give it a go (it is the 64bit version).




It works perfectly. Thank you!

I had a feeling Autodesk didn’t change their plugin API’s (why would they).

PS: I understand the need for a version check. If the plugin wasn’t vetted prior to release, that may cause some trouble when working in production environments. Thankfully this is not the case and works perfectly fine. Awesome community support! Thank you very much!


Hi Andrew,

I am glad it works for you. I will add this fix to our official releases. The plug-in still checks for the major version number so I think it is a safe fix.

Best regards.