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SDK 3.0, PVRGeoPOD for 3DS Max 2013 outdated




we would like to request if possible a new build of the PVRGeoPOD for 3DS Max 2013 x64 that works with the latest Max update (PU5). Actually we can’t upgrade because after the upgrade Max refuse to load the plugin with an error that say that the version of the plugin is build with a previous version of Max 2013. The sad thing is that you can’t uninstall the update, so we had to uninstall Max and then reinstall it :(.

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I would also add that the plugin actually works only with a vanilla installation, even upgrading it with PU1 make the plugin unusable. It seems that Max 2013 check the version of the program against the plugin (well, against the version of 3DXI used in the plugin) and if they don’t match it doesn’t load it showing an error.



This is a known issue and will be fixed in our next PVRGeoPOD update (coming soon). To be more precise, the next update adds support for igame dll version If this version happens to differ to the one you now have included with your 3DS Max install please let us know.


Hi Scott, seems to be the latest available version, actually we have reinstalled Max to be able to use the plugin. Any chance to have access to a beta release of the new plugin version? Thank you for your support.


gersen wrote:
Any chance to have access to a beta release of the new plugin version?
Sure, if you send an email to we can give you a version.