3ds max plugin

Dear Team 

I updated my 3ds max 2013 with  :

>Autodesk 3ds Max 2013 64-bit Product Update 5 

since then , an error appear during the starting of 3ds max saying that the podexporter need to be updated and will be not loaded , that is pretty sad !!!!

as it s a major and super tools dont you know if you could update your wonderfull plugin ??? the collada export is great but not as efficient compare the pod one.

Thanks a lot for the new sdk 3.0 it s a beauty.

kind regards
david G

dgu2012-10-17 11:41:46

Cheers for letting us know. It looks like Autodesk has updated the igame version. We'll update the plug-in to support it.

super cool ,

any news about the PVRSHaman that crash on linux Ubuntu even if we are root ???
kind regards

Hello ,

i noticed that your fixed was not on the latest update and the issue remain on the sdk, will it be possible to have it before the next release ???

thanks you if can ,that is very helpfull.

Kind regards


Hi David,

These issues should be fixed shortly, we’re finalising some fixes and testing before we release our next utility update.

We’ll make an announcement when the next update is released, though your utility should update itself automatically anyway if you are able to access it.