7 floats per scale animation frame in POD files?

Hi all. I'm just curious why the animated POD nodes have 7 floats for scaling per frame rather than 3 (simple scaling along x, y, and z axis)?
SDK code never uses those 4 extra values, but I analyzed POD file of our skinned character and found out that those values are actually contains some data (usually numbers in [-1, 1] range, and sometimes just a bunch of zeros).
Also, that character animation displayed incorrectly in PVRShaman - some body parts seems to be overstretched. But it works fine when i use "Export matrices" option.

Sorry for my English.

buz2012-05-31 06:02:18

The extra values are a 3D vector for scale axis and a scalar scale angle. They were originally included in case they turned out to be useful, as a more complete representation of the original matrix. However, the newer option to export full matrices is even more complete and should be used rather than these 4 extra values.