Android Layout for Native Activity

Hi Friends,

I have stuck somewhere in the project.

I am new to this development in android and we two friends are doing it together. I am a basic OpenGL developer and he is android developer.
now the problem is that. i am able to compile one of my own application in android environment, with reference from 07_IntroductingPOD example in SDK and after compilation, i am able to run it also thru Android Studio.
After that I give my .SO file to my android developer so that we can have some android components within that application, but we are unable to do that
we have to implement animation in open-gl(c,c++) and NativeActivity must contain some UI components(Views).
right now, native activity is calling the android_main() present in SDK and app initialize the EGL window and animation is coming but none of the android components are coming on the screen.
If android developer passing null to his command getWindow.takeSurface(null), then he is getting his components on screen but EGl is not getting initialized and no animation is coming.
If he comment out this line, then we are getting animation on screen, with no components.
Does anyone have any specific idea regarding what to do next. we kind of stuck here from last one week