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ANNOTATION in PFX breaks ShaderEditor/Shaman




the PFX specification now states an EFFECT can have ANNOTATION elements for user-defined strings. We are actively using these for specifying additional input to the renderer. However, both PVRShaderEditor and PVRShaman reject this.

I have attached a simply PFX to demonstrate this.

Trying to compile this in PVRShaderEditor 2.6 (SDK build 3.5@3523712) gives the error
[blockquote]Error while parsing PFX:
Unknown keyword ‘ANNOTATION’ in [EFFECT] on line 32[/blockquote]

Attempting to assign this effect in PVRShaman 2.3 (SDK build 3.3531700) gives the error
[blockquote]The selected effect file contains no effects!
Please select another file.
with the same error appearing in the log as in PVRShaderEditor.

If I remove the ANNOTATION field everything works fine.

I guess someone didn’t tell the PFX parser there is a new keyword. Right now we have to manually remove the ANNOTATION fields, assign the materials in Shaman and put them back in.



ANNOTATION should be a sub-block within the EFFECT block.

I’ve looked at the documentation and there’s an unfortunate pagebreak above the table describing ANNOTATION, so I can see how it could be misleading.

I will forward this as feedback for our documentation lead.


Well that explains a lot. Changed it to a block and now it works.