Binary shader compiler for sgx540

We are working on am embedded hardware with a SGX540 chip. Currently we are looking to convert our shaders into binary but there seems to be no tool available for that. Did I miss out something?

Hi Gin Yan,

That is quite old hardware! At that time binary shaders had an strict flag that required to match exactly the version number of the drivers and the off-line compiler. For that reason the compiler was only released by the chip manufacturers or OEMs themselves.

One thing you could try is to use GetProgramBinaryOES to extract the binary shader. I am not sure whether this extension is supported on your platform, but you could give it a go. We have an example here:

Best regards.


Hi Carlos,

Yes, it’s quite an old chip. It is the GPU chip used by the Renesas board that we are developing on.

In this case, the OEMs/manufacturer is PowerVR, isn’t it?

Hi Gin Han,

Our company only supplies the HW design and reference SW. We are not chip or platform manufacturers. In this case the best thing might be to ask Renesas for a offline compiler suitable for your platform. They shouldn’t have any problem supplying it to you.

Best regards.