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Need OpenGL ES 2.0 offline compiler


Hi Team,

To debug shader related issues I need offline shader compiler for windows or linux using which I can generate binary shaders. Following is the platform details that I am using.

Platform: Jacinto 6 (DRA746) with Linux.
GPU version: SGX 544 MP2
SGX DDK Version: 1.14@3699939

Could you please help?

Best Regards,


Hi Vikash,

To debug this issue, use the current version of PVRShaderEditor and select the PowerVR Series5XT compiler.
The compilers in the SDK will not generate binary shaders because thiey are platform dependent.
To be able to get binary shaders for your platform, please use the glGetProgramBinaryOES extension in your code. Here is an example

Best regards



Hi Carlos,

Yes, I am aware of PVRShaderEditor tool. However when I select “Configure Current Compiler” under “tools” menu compiler version it shows “SGX543 rev 303 1.9@2650911” for PowerVR Series5XT selection. While J6 is based on different version of SGX and DDK.

Is possible could you share the bianry for compiler for SGX544 MP2?

Best Regards,


Hi Vikash,

For debugging and profiling purposes SGX543 and SGX544 have the same instruction set, so you should not worry about the differences.
For compiling binary shaders, the HW revision and the exact version of the DDK does matter, so it is not possible for us to release a compiler for this specific platform. TI on the other hand, might be able to supply one to you.
I believe the easiest and safest way is to extract the binary shaders with the extension I mention above.




Thank you Carlos for your quick support. I will check with TI and your suggestion.

Best Regards,