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Offline OpenGL ES compiler




Does PowerVR provide an offline shader compiler for OpenGL ES? I am looking for a tool that compiles shaders on Pc/OSX/Linux with an output compatible with glShaderBinary on Android. That is, a cross compiler.

I know there is the PVRShaderEditor and ProfilingCompilers but they seem to output only profiling information. Documentation seemed to imply binary. Am I wrong?



We have compilers that can generate binary shaders but they will work only on specific versions of the hardware. Unless you are targeting a single platform it is not recommended to do this as they will fail on most platforms. Android does binary shader caching automatically so to deploy binary shaders for performance reasons is not needed. Alternatively you can export binary shaders using the OGLES API. We have an example on how to do this in our SDK:




The context for the request was to protect shader source content. Offline compilers is one option I am exploring. Can one have access to these compilers?




We will need the details of the platform you are targeting as well as the driver version. The binaries compiled for it will only work on that specific platform.

If you are still interested, we would prefer if you continue through a private ticket in our support portal: