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Blender FBX animation is not shown after converting into POD file via PVRGeoPOD



Hi there,

I designed a simple dino model with animation. Its just tail wagging animation using bones in Blender. I exported the model in .FBX and animation work in Unity (Tested to make sure). Now, when I convert to POD file for Zap Works Studio - AR, Animations are not showing. I’m able to import model and texture. But animations are not showing up.

Where am I doing the mistake? Can someone please guide? I have uploaded the file in the google drive. Link below.




Hi Kishore,

I have exported your model to POD from Blender and tested it with PVRShaman. The animation looks correct.
Be sure that in the “Geometry” area the “Export skinning data” is enabled. “Bone batching” ticked and the max. numbers of bones to 9. Also do not forget to export the animation in the “Transformations” tab.




Hi Carlos,

Thank you for your response. It has come out properly this time. I had to modify with PVRGeoPOD settings just like you suggested. :slight_smile: