Bone Batching example with OpenGL ES1.1


I have some difficulties to skin my POD using OpenGL ES 1.1.

Is there an example of bone batching with OpenGL ES1.1?

Thanking you in advance,


martinrabier2010-05-14 16:06:24

Please look at our Skinning training course in one of our OpenGL ES 1.1 SDKs which demonstrates this technique and should be applicable. This was added after we stopped updating our OpenGL ES 1.0 SDKs so this is why it’s not in the ES 1.0 download.

Which platform are you targetting for OpenGL ES 1.0?

I've done a mistake... I'm using OpenGL ES 1.1 sorry... for iPhone OS
Maybe my problem is not a code problem because my pod render and animate correctly with OpenGL ES2.0 Skinning Training course but not with the OpenGL ES1.1 Skinning Training course...
Only the mesh with no bone batching is rendered...I don't understand why...
martinrabier2010-05-14 16:42:31

oh oh… It was an exportation problem…With Maya, I set the max influence bone to 3… It was working on OpenGL ES 2 but for OpenGL ES 1.1, I have to set this value to 2…
Thank you for your answer…sorry for wasting your time…

Don’t worry about it - I’m glad you got it working :slight_smile: