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Bones don't work as expected after export.


I have created a rigged character with animation in Maya, and export it to pod. 

And few bones don’t work as it is expected after export. 

I tried to remove the key frame on the bones which don’t work the way as it should be, but it still move after exported.
I have 40 bones with skin influence, and Matrix Palette size is set to 8

I wonder if there is any problem with the settings?

For my model, I put 2 bones parent to the knee bone on the same spot. Each of the bones control the front and the back of the right side of the 
dress, the prepose is to adjust the dress away from the leg to prevent the dress crashes into the leg. The left size works just fine. But the right size has the error after export. 
Wonder what is wrong to have this error. 


Left: The rigged model with animation works fine. 
Middle: The knee Part moves toward.
Right: Therefore the dress and the Leg crash. 


I'm not sure what is causing this problem. Would it be possible for you to send your Maya scene and POD file to so we can take a closer look?