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Can't compile shader in Linux



When I try to run a training course it fails and gives an error message saying that shader can’t be compiled. And when Print3D is used it gives error saying that it can’t be initialized. It gives one or the other in every training course or demo that i have tested so far. Any idea what might cause this? I’m using Ubuntu 9.04.


The Linux PC emulation SDK works in the same way as the Windows one i.e. over the host PC’s graphics hardware. What graphics acceleration is present on your Linux machine? What drivers have you installed and can you verify that they are working correctly?


I have ATI Radeon X1300 256mb and I have installed open source driver (xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd  1.2.4-2) for it. And it should work just fine because it runs glxgears with no problems.



The fact that glxgears works does not mean that open source driver implement whole requested functionality. Please consider installing official driver from ATI website and the try to run SDK.Â


It seems that it is impossible Cry. Since I have so old graphic card I have to use 9.3 driver and it won’t work in Ubuntu 9.04 since the driver doesn’t support  xorg-xserver 1.6. Is there anything else I could try?


You could try linux distribution that contains older Xorg , or get more recent graphics card.Â


Sure thing, Captain Obvious! Well, I guess I will then use Windows, but thanks anyway. :slight_smile:


We are sorry that we cannot provide any other help in that area but your issue does not have anything in common with our SDK. Unless ATI legacy drivers are updated to match recent Xorg You won't be able to run our SDK.