Vision Five 2 Performance Issues

Hi, I’m making a 3D MMO engine and it runs exceptionally well on Windows 1030 (2000 non-instanced players) Jetson Nano (600) and Raspberry 4 (100) but on the Vision Five 2 performance is abysmal.

I made a release so that your engineers can look at the issues with a real world example:

The colors are also off.

But everything else seems to work as intended which is a great improvement over the release distributions.

Here’s more info on the engine: BinaryTask


Welcome to the PowerVR Developer Forum and thank you for reporting the issue.

We see you have reported the same in our internal developer portal too. We shall follow up with this one over there.

Best Regards,

Forgot you might need to run this before trying the test:

sudo apt-get install libx11-dev libgles2-mesa-dev libopenal-dev libtbb-dev