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Collada2POD 4 bones per vertex limit



I am getting the following warning in the new version of Collada2POD v2.10 (SDK build 2.10@814059)

WARNING: Ignoring some bones as POD only supports up to (4) bones per vertex.
WARNING: Rescaling some bone weights as their total weight does not equal 1.

I thought you can control the bones limit by setting matrix palette size !! Even with the default limit (matrix palette size of 9) this warning is popping up.

Can you confirm if the 4 bones limit cannot be altered ?


mkandula2012-07-20 07:31:36


The 4 bone limit refers to the number of bones that can affect a single vertex i.e. each vertex can have up to a maximum of 4 indices/weights. The matrix palette size is the number of bones that can affect an entire mesh. If more than that size is present then the mesh is split up.