conversion FBX/DAE to POD

I created a animation with iClone of reallusion. This software allowed me only the export of FBX, BVH, iC or OBJ format. I want to use this animation in a iOS application (with cocos3d), but the process of conversion failed or my animation is damage.

My workflow:
(1) animation
creating the animation with iClone and export the 3d model with the motion data to fbx format.

(2) conversion
import the fbx file in 3ds max 2015 and use the PVRGeoPOD plug-in to export it to pod format or
add the fbx file to fbx converter of autodesk, export it to dae and use the PVRGeoPOD as stand-alone version to convert it to pod format.

I read that the POD format allows only influences by 4 bones per vertex. Is there a way to get my animation into the pod format?


Why not rebalance your animation to only use max 4 bone influence values ?

I cannot imagine you would need more than that anyway …

I would do that if I knew how. I imported my rigged avatar to iClone and exported my avatar with my animation (half-squat) in fbx format. In this format my animation runs pretty good also in dae format. I have no idea wiche vertices are strongly influenced.

Me too. The request in this forum is a part of my troubleshooting. I do this for the first time. I need more information about possible sources for mistakes. I would not rule out that I made a mistake.

Hello Thomas,

Yes - there is a 4 bone limit.

In 3ds Max could you try using

Skin Modifier > Advanced Parameters > Bone Affect Limit > 4

And then try exporting again.


thx pauls it converted my character to pod.