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Collada2POD splits cube into two meshes




I created a Cube with two Materials in Blender 2.61(MAC OSX 10.7.2) and exported it as a COLLADA 1.4.1 dae-File.

Afterwards I transformed the dae-file into a pod-file with Collada2POD v.2.09 (MAC OSX 10.7.2). The Output window shows the following hint:

Note: Splitting "Cube" up into individual nodes as it is made up of 2 meshes.

It is possible to load the pod-file with the two materials in PVRShaman v.1.11 (MAC OSX 10.7.2) and rotate the cube.

Unfortunately there is missing a route node for the two Materials as it is provided for the "DieCube.pod"-file.

Instead of that is the cube divided in two submeshes "Cube-submesh0" and "Cube-submesh1" without a root node. That renders the cube useless for an easy Cocos3D integration.

Any hints what to change to get the cube exported with a root node?





I just found the reason for the mission root node.

One have to choose "Model space" of the "Coordinate System". To get a root node generated.

If one chooses "World space" instead the root node is missing.

Now it the cube with two materials works like a charm. Smile