Hello all! I am looking for a reliable solution to convert a 3D drawing file created in AutoCAD MEP 2012 over to the POD file format. The only converters that I’ve found thus far are provided by Imagination Technologies for converting 3ds Max, Maya and COLLADA to the POD file format.

My CAD centric client does not own or need a copy of 3ds Max for their day to day operations, especially at its $3500 price tag. Unless I am missing something I haven’t had many, if any, great experiences with the COLLADA file format otherwise I’d just have them export to COLLADA and use Collada2POD for the conversion. It seems as if many details are lost when going to this format, even though I read it as being a very mature and popular format for 3D drawing interchange.

Does anyone have any experience and / or suggestions, aside from writing DWF viewer using the Autodesk DWF toolkit, or am I up the creek without a paddle on this one? I sure hope there is a better solution out there than having my client purchase 3ds Max in order to utilize the PVRGeoPOD plug-in. If I can’t get this figured out I’m going to have to fallback on an engine that doesn’t utilize the PowerVR OpenGL ES 2.0 SDK and load 3ds or OBJ files directly.

Your feedback and time is much appreciated! I really hope I’m just being dingy and missing something here.

Thank you!!!