Convert PVR to PNG without using PVRTexToolGUI


I found this thread:

I wonder if it’s possible to the same but from cmd-line? Do you know of any tool or do I have to code one myself? :slight_smile:

Hi JackAsser,

You can use the -d option in PVRTexToolCL to do this automatically. If you want it during compression it’s fairly straightforward - just add “-d” and an optional filename to output it.

If you want to just do it with any list of already compressed pvrs, unfortunately you’ll technically still need to compress it first. However by setting the decompression to “r8g8b8a8” you’ll sidestep any additional work. I’d suggest using the following command line to do so:

PVRTexToolCL -i [inputFile] -o tempCache.pvr -d -f r8g8b8a8

This will generate and continuously overwrite “tempCache.pvr” but will otherwise work to create decompressed files as expected.



Thanx! Perfect! :slight_smile: