.PVR file back to jpg or png

Hi I was wondering if it was possible to convert a PVR tex file back to a jpg or png. I have a normal map which I made using PVRTexTool and now want to be able to make a DUDV map from it. Is there a way to convert it back or a way to create a DUDV map within PVRTexTools?

Hi John,

If you open a PVR file in PVRTexToolGUI, there is an option under the file menu to “Save As Image…” which will allow you to save the texture back out as an image (bmp/jpeg/png) file. It’s advised that generally you don’t do this unless your texture is uncompressed, as decompressing and recompressing the same image can amplify any artefacts. There’s currently nothing in PVRTexTool to generate a DUDV map I’m afraid.