Convert pvr to png

Convert pvr to png?
Can windows use pvr for texture mapping? Does google browser support it? If not, can the pvr file be converted to png format?

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PVR is a compressed texture format that can only be used on PowerVR GPUs. Google Chrome cannot display images in the PVR format. However PVRTexTool can be used to convert textures in PVR format to a PNG image.

In PVRTexTool open the PVR file and select File → Save Image… or press Ctrl+Alt+I and select where to save the output PNG image. You can also use the command line application to batch convert images. Please refer to the documentation for examples.

You can find PVRTexTool here: Downloads - Imagination Developers. You will need to sign up to our Developer Portal to have the option to download the tool.


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