Creating GLES2 shader binaries offline.

Hi.  I'm using PVRUniSCoEditor v1.5  (SDK build from the Windows GLES2 SDK.  By default, it's configured to use "OGLESWindows_x86_32PVRUniSCo_SGX53x.exe" as the compiler.

I tried compiling Training course 14's vertex and pixel shaders and even though it says that the it compiled successfully it didn't create a .fsc or .vsc.  If I compile with the "-profile" flag, a profile file is generated.

Looking at other posts in this form, I feel like there are conflicting reports as to whether PVR's shader compilers will generate binaries useable on the matching PVR GPUs. 
Compiles but unusable:

I also tried the same steps using the PowerVR's iOS SDK's version of PVRUniSCoEditor and the result was the same.

Some help on creating the shader binary and information on its usability on corresponding hardware would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

WhatsInAName2011-06-16 07:26:57


Please see this topic from a few days ago where this question was answered. I’ll make sure the documentation is a little clearer in our next release to avoid confusion.