DDS texture format

I saw that all demos in the SDK OpenGL-ES package uses PVR texture

format. We need support for DDS texture format, especially for

compressed DDS to manage big texture (DEM/DTM Digital Elevation Model).

Are DDS compressed supported? Has anyone infos about this issue?


DDS and PVR are container file formats that each support a multitude of texture (pixel) formats. PVRTexTool can read and write both file formats. However the SDK only contains loader code for PVR files since we expect DDS files mainly to be used with Direct3D, which comes with its own texture loader (as part of D3DX).

I am not sure what you mean by “compressed DDS”. DDS can contain different compressed texture formats, but the most popular is S3TC/DXTC. We do not support S3TC in OpenGL ES. PowerVR MBX supports the PVRTC compression format, PowerVR SGX supports ETC in addition. If you are targeting a platform featuring one of these graphics cores you should consider compressing your textures in PVRTC format.