Error loading dds on osx


I want convert some dds to pvr using pvrtextool but when I open them with PVRTexToolGUI or with PVRTexToolCL they have all pixels of same color, sometime with all channels to 0, sometime with the rgb to 214 and alpha to 255.

This happens on OSX, These textures are been created in Windows by my coworkers.


Antonino Perricone

Hi Antonino,

Are these DDS files storing DXTC data? For non-technical reasons, we can’t support DXT compression/decompression on non-Windows devices. The actual data stored in the file will remain intact however - if you were to save a PVR file without transcoding (via the GUI), the data will just be moved to the new file. Opening this PVR file on Windows again would show the correct data. I will file a bug to make sure that functionality is throwing an warning when the user is not on Windows.

If it’s any other texture format, please let me know and I will look into it!