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DDS to PVR failed in wind 64bit environment




I can’t use command line to generate pvr file in win 64 bit environment.

My command is:

c:>PVRTexTool.exe -m -f PVRTC4 -i "C001_D2_D.DDS"

then it returns:

An error occurred in PVRTexTool: Could not process:

Could not process texture.

if I use TGA as the source format, then the pvr file can be generated.

c:>PVRTexTool.exe -m -f PVRTC4 -i "C001_D2_D.TGA"

File C001_D2_D.pvr written.

did I do anything wrong? BTW, the GUI version can load dds and convert it to pvr format (in win 64 bit environment)




Hi tDAN,

I’ve noticed a problem in PVRTexLib/Tool with loading files whereby any file types that use capital letters are currently being accidentally discarded. I’m fixing this bug and will get an update to the website asap. In the meantime - if you’re using windows you can just pass the extension in as “.dds”, on Linux or MacOS you’ll have to physically rename the files as a temporary work around.




Hi tDan,

This problem has been fixed in the latest versions of PVRTexLib and PVRTexTool which are now available for download from the website.



Tobias2012-04-24 08:42:06


Hi Tobias,

Unfortunately, The command Tex Tool still can’t handle dds file (GUI version of TexTool works fine),

I’ll try integrating TexLib into my editor, try to see if it works for dds file