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pvrtextool load .dds file ,seems lost some pixels.




We are shipping a game from windows to ios. since there’s a lot of dds textures doesn’t work on ogl .we use pvrtextool to convert it.

there’s problemes with pvrtextool while loading dds.

we are trying 32-bit and 64-bit windows version pvrpxttool at first. but some pixels missing with amost all of textures.

Then we test with mac version.this time all pixels lost.

Did pvrtextool work with dds? or there’s some limitation?


PVRTexTool 4.00 (SDK build 3.0@2149614)


Yeah, I saw the same problem … dark , single pixel spots while DDS plugin for Photoshop displays them just fine.


Hi Rain, Warmi,

Yes there’s a small problem with the DXT1 decompression code in PVRTexTool, and DXT is unfortunately not available for MacOS. The problem doesn’t affect the actual data unless you try to recompress the file again - compression to DXTC is absolutely fine. This should only affect DXT1 data (I believe, though other DXT formats may be affected), and doesn’t affect uncompressed data.

The issue has been fixed in our latest builds of the SDK which we plan to update soon, and it should also now throw an error on OSX when trying to load dxt data.