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Debugging on Bada


Hi all,

I’ve been trying the PowerVR SDK training courses for the Bada platform. It works ok if you launch the application with ‘Run As…’. But launching the application with ‘Debug As…’ you get an exception: It cannot create a context.

I’ve found an EGL context property that makes the application fail in debug mode. It’s the EGL_LEVEL property. Commenting two lines in PVRShellInitAPI::SelectEGLConfiguration it works on debug mode:

457//    conflist[i++] = EGL_LEVEL;
458//    conflist[i++] = 0;

I don’t know why this happens. Has anyone seen something like this?

Best Regards

Thanks for pointing this out. As the PVRShell is setting EGL_LEVEL to its default value I'll have a look at removing those two lines of code for the next SDK release so as to work around this problem with the bada simulator.