Demos and Required Libraries for OmniaHD (i8910)

Hello to everyone,
I would like try these great looking OpenGL 2.0 demos on my Samsung OmniaHD but everything I think I get this error code:

"Failed to compile shared: Compile failed. ERROR: 0:15:42 invalid number literal ‘.’ "

Maybe I need some additional libraries on the phone but… which ones?

Thanks in advance!

Which demo causes this error message?

Hi and thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:
All the techdemo I launched e.g. OBLES2AlphaBlend but others as IntroducingPVR do only a black screen.
It’s really strange because we are a few members of Italian IPMart forum with the problems above. Does I need some special libraries on the phone? I’m running these demos by using the latest Italian firmware, G2.

thanks in advance,

any news about my request?


Sorry to have not got back to you sooner on this. This problem has been the topic of quite a lot of investigation - please see here:

can you tell me where I can download all the Tech Demo available for PowerVR SGX 53x please???

A number of demos are available in our SDK packages which you can get here:

There are also marketing demos that are not available at this time.