Version 320 es. Not supported

hi. i saw another thread that same issue fixed recent version of the sdk.

i’m using native sdk 5.2. Setting looks fine. but complie failed.

this is compliler’s message.

Compile failed.
ERROR: 0:1: Syntax error, version 320 not supported
ERROR: 1 compilation errors. No code generated.

310 complie fine. but there’s another problem. calling textureGather function.

0(16) : error C1115: unable to find compatible overloaded function “textureGather(sampler2D, vec2, int)”

include EGL/egl.h, GLES3/gl3.h two header and

link libEGL.lib, and libGLESv2.lib. two Library.

yes. it looks strange. V2. V2? but there’s no Library file about v3 in native sdk 5.2.

am i doing something wrong?


I suppose you are talking about our OpenGL ES emulation libraries for Windows (PVRVFrame).
GLSL v320 is supported and textureGather() should also work as we pass the call directly to the host OGL drivers. The specs are the same so there is no reason for it to fail.
Could you send us the shader that causes these problems so we can have a look?
About the library name, there is no real consensus. libGLESv2 is the “historical” name which also applies to OGLES3. On Android it is libGLESv3 but on other platforms it is still libGLESv2.



Sorry!. Carlos. Today i Found my error that i did’nt change DLL file.

sorry again. it’s very simple and stupid my mistake.

i did not test the textureGather function but 320 version compile good.

thank you for your reply.

hi again carlos.

yes. you are right i’m using openGL ES emulation libraries for Windows.

after i change dll file. version 320 complie error message diaspeared.

but still i can’t use textureGather function.

this is my shader code. ( nothing special. i just want update fxaa )

#version 320 es\r\n”
#define FxaaFloat lowp float\r\n”
#define FxaaFloat2 mediump vec2\r\n”
#define FxaaFloat4 lowp vec4\r\n”
#define FxaaTexTop texture\r\n”
#define FxaaTexGreen4( t, p ) textureGather( t, p, 1 )\r\n”
lowp vec4 FxaaTexture2( in sampler2D tex, in mediump vec2 tUV )
lowp vec4 tFlagColor;

FxaaFloat2 posM;

posM = tUV;
FxaaFloat4 rgbyM = FxaaTexTop( tex, posM );
FxaaFloat lumaM = rgbyM.y;
FxaaFloat4 luma4A = textureGather( tex, tUV, 1 );

return tFlagColor;

and this is compile result.

0(16) : error C1115: unable to find compatible overloaded function “textureGather(sampler2D, vec2, int)”

i try textureGatherOffset function too. same error message.


Your graphics card might not support GLSL 4.0 required for textureGather. The “error C1115” looks like it’s coming from NVIDIA drivers.
If you have a capable graphic cards, try updating your drivers.