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Does the 3dsmax POD exporter support bipeds?


I can’t seem to get any usable data out of the POD exporter w/ BIPED character models, but I can with BONE models. Does the POD exporter support biped?


The short answer is no, it is not supported. You can use the bones supplied by BIPED but you can not use the skin. This is due to the specific nature of Character Studio that does not allow a straight forward support of some features like muscle bulge, etc.


Muscle bulges information are used within the Physique modifier. So yes it seems quite hard to export such skinning information. But biped only deal with bone transforms, or am I wrong?  Since your last answer, did you have a recent try to export biped, or is it still not planned ? Just to know if we should ask our artist to restart the models using bones.


Oops, maybe I misunderstood your answer. Did you say that it should be ok to export a biped with a skin modifier ?




Yes a standard skin modifier should work. In general you can use the bones from Character Studio but nothing else.