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Export of Bone Animation



This is probably a very noobish question, but when I try to animate and export this model of a soccer player to POD file in 3ds Max 2011, no animation is played in my application nor in PowerVR Shaman, although the bones do move if “export bone geometry” is enabled. The mesh isn’t moving/animated.

I’m using PowerVRGeoPod 1.23

Following options are set:

“Export geometry” = true

"Export skin modifiers" = true

"Matrix palette size" = 9

"Export animation" = true

"Indexed" = true

I also changed “bone indices” to “unsigned byte, normalised” (read that somewhere in the forums), all other options are set to their default values.


Markus Archduke2011-03-22 16:10:05



physique != skin and biped != regular bone model…