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Editing .pod files with Maya



Hello everybody!
After a little bit of struggle (i'm currently using maya 2008) i managed to get a grasp on the .pod export settings-and i can now open with PVRshaman some simple files i created.

But unfortunately i ran into a trouble: i accidentally deleted the .mb copies of my files, and now i have only the .pod left.
It's not an important issue (those were placeholder files), but i had some little corrections to make, and , besides, it would be nice to avoid starting from scratches when i'll make the finalized art.

So, i am asking: is there a way to edit .pod files directly (to tweak UVs and vertex, for example), or to convert .pod files back to .mb (or any other format that can be opened with Maya?)

Thanks a lot,
best regards


ziotoo42010-04-20 18:30:03


At the moment, there is no tool to do this in existence (we don’t have one, at least). If you really need to retrieve the models then in theory you could write your own converter - after all the POD structures and runtime are provided in source code in the SDK, but no-ones’ ever done it that I know of. PVRShaman doesn’t allow that kind of editing.

It’s probably easier to start again - I hope you haven’t lost too much work. I assume you’ve tried to retrieve the files from backups etc.?


Hi Gordon, thanks for the fast answer!

Writing my own converter is probably too much hassle for a couple placeholder models-i'll just use the old versions until i'll make the finalized art.

Thanks anyway for the kindness and professionality!